Greetings. Welcome to the first of what will be weekly installments where the two HIVE Comicade co-founders let you know the things have them all abuzz. The first of which are puns. Mike and Brandin (me) both love a good pun. And a good “Dad Joke.” The items on our lists may not be new or current, and that’s ok. Sometimes we’re reacquainting ourselves with a beloved property, other times we’re simply late to the party or we’ve finally made time to dig into that thing you all were talking about last week, last month, last year. Like all things geek, though, it doesn’t matter how or when you got there, as long as you enjoyed yourself once you arrived. That said, here are a few things our two intrepid heroes have been enjoying this week.

Mike: What If…?, American Horror Stories, Star Trek Voyager, Stargirl Season 2, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and the YouTube series Comicstorian.


Brandin: Mythic Quest Season 2, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Gunpowder Milkshake (featuring a high school classmate of Mike & Brandin - David Burnell IV), Final Fantasy VII Remake.


What have you been reading, playing, watching, listening to that has you buzzing. Let us know here or on social media. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Just search for HIVE Comicade across all platforms. 

See you next week.