About Us

HIVE Comicade is a community-first comic book event organizer and retailer. Our goal is to create a fun, safe space for fans of comic books, cosplay, manga, anime, and all manners of geekdom to discuss and share their love of the culture. We are committed to creating pop-up events throughout the Triangle where fans of all levels of interest can gather. HIVE Comicade has a vendor license with the major comic book & collectible distributors and is eager to supply your purchase needs.

Founded by lifelong friends Michael Bannerman and Brandin D. Bell, HIVE Comicade is an extension of their passion surrounding comic books and the geek community as a whole. These two wanted to share their love of the community with others and created HIVE Comicade to do just that.

Come find your people and be a part of the HIVE.

Alicia Price

Social Media and Content Specialist

Loving the Blerd Life

Bat Family is the best

Jason Todd is a hero...?

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Brandin Bell


Comics and Sci Fi

Watcher reader creator

Roots for Darth Vader

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Michael Bannerman


Big fan of the Flash...

Anime, Comics, TV

I'm bad at Haiku :-)

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