Indie Creator Spotlight - Gerald Boney

Indie Creator Spotlight - Gerald Boney

Indie Creator Spotlight - Gerald Boney

Welcome to the our first Indie Creator Spotlight. Today we'll hear from Gerald Boney. Gerald Boney is the creator of the Myth Smith universe. Read below to discover more about Gerald's creations, how he came to create his own books, and the ups & downs of being a creator. Be sure to check back often for more interviews and content.

HIVE Comicade: Please introduce yourself to our readers: 

Gerald Boney: I’m Gerald Boney and I write, letter, and self-publish comics under my Mythworlde Media banner. My flagship hero and title is MYTH SMITH. He's a nearly immortal supernatural adventurer who has been tasked with maintaining the balance between "the real world" and the extra-dimensional world of magic! I also have a book called DOUBLE DOSE, which will feature a different character (or team) in each issue in two stories illustrated by two different artists. I have a few other projects in the works as well.


HIVE Comicade: What’s your favorite superpower and why?

Gerald Boney: Hmm…don't really have a favorite. Variety is cool lol.


HIVE Comicade: What made you decide to create your own comics?

Gerald Boney: I can't remember a time when I wasn't into comics. It all started from looking at pictures in my older brother's comics before I could even read. I always had an active imagination plus I used to draw too so I would make up characters and draw their adventures.


HIVE Comicade: What has been the biggest challenge to creating your books?

Gerald Boney: Money and marketing. Making comics ain't cheap lol! As for marketing, I'm still trying to figure that one out. You have to be somewhat of a carnival barker as an indie creator to get the word out, and that's not naturally in my wheelhouse.


HIVE Comicade: What has been the most rewarding aspect of creating your books?

Gerald Boney: Seeing these characters I've had in my head (for decades in some cases) finally brought to "life". I spent far too much time thinking about making comics and not actually making them. So to have actual physical copies out there of something I created (in collaboration with some talented artists and colorists) is still a thrill.


HIVE Comicade: What comic books are you reading?

Gerald Boney: Well first and foremost I'm way behind on everything lol. I haven't set foot in a comic shop since "the age of covid" has descended upon us. Prior to that I was reading Bitter Root, Rat Queens, Excellence, Deathstroke to name a few. But I've mostly been getting books from other independent creators. Some that come to mind: Witchdoctor, Chayoma, Stronghold, Okemus, The Brother.


HIVE Comicade: Where can our readers follow you online?

Gerald Boney: My website is That's where folks can get my comics, as well as t-shirts and posters. I'm on all the major social media platforms under either Mythworlde or Mythworlde Media.