Celebrating Hispanic and Latinx Characters in Comics

Celebrating Hispanic and Latinx Characters in Comics

Celebrating Hispanic and Latinx Characters in Comics

Miss America-America Chavez

First Appearance: Vengeance # 1

America Chavez hails from a lush wonderland dimension known as the Utopian Parallel.  When America was five, she and her sister, Catalina, were taken to a private island owned by the billionaire Mr. Gales. America's Mothers, Amalia and Elena Chavez, worked at a high-end medical facility located on the island as expert microbiologists and pathologists respectively.  Amalia and Elena were trying to find a cure for a genetic disease that both America and Catalina had. 

America's powers started to manifest when she went into remission.  Mr. Gales encouraged America to use her powers against her Mothers wishes.  Amalia and Elena tried to help America and Catalina escape the island, but were killed in the process by Mr. Gales. America opened a Star Portal for them to escape, but Catalina was ripped from her grip by Mr. Gales at the last minute.  America was devastated.

Due to the shock from her experience, America became an amnesiac.  She was soon found by the Santana family on the shore of Jones Beach while they were stargazing.  The Santana family took America to their home in Washington Heights, and raised her as their own.  America eventually regained her memories 3 years later. 

You can catch the first live action appearance of America in the upcoming Dr. Strange and the Multi-Verse of Madness movie.

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