Xob Lightning Wielder #1

Type: Comic Book

Tracy has been bestowed the powers of Xob: an ancient force of nature whose purpose is to prevent our world from succumbing to darkness. Strength, speed and control over lightning are now hers to use in her quest to protect her city and the world while juggling the life of a college student.

Tracy’s life becomes a little more complicated when Lord Eklips, the ruler of the dark realm, uses his minions to break into our realm and steal everyone’s spirit energy. His goal? To make our realm like his dark dimension and become ruler of both worlds. Now Xob faces her toughest battle yet. Will Xob have the wherewithal to stop Lord Eklips’ plans and save her city?

Written By: Kyrun Silva
Line Art By: David Jaxon
Colors By:   Federico Pepito Sioc Jr; King Bola 
Lettering By: Nikki Powers
28 pgs. Full Color.