Werewolf Frankenstein


Written By: Chris Robinson

Art By: Marc Yarza

Colors By: Steve Cannon

Letters By: DC Hopkins 

Character Design By: Luciano Vecchio

Logo and Page Design By: Jay Bowen

Covers By: Raymond Gay & Daniel M. ChavezDavi Go, and Rahzzah

This is a standalone graphic novella that contains a complete 40-page story, plus additional pages of bonus material. Same dimensions as most contemporary comic books. Funds will be used to cover printing and shipping costs. 

A character who has fascinated readers and audiences for centuries is radically transformed and forced into new venues and confrontations unlike any he's faced before!

Frankenstein's Monster is already plagued with loneliness and immortality, now the horror of his existence is compounded with a new curse...

Time is running out as the lycanthropy slowly spreads from limb to limb, organ to organ—until it eventually infects his brain and his meager humanity is lost forever! 

Do you love the Universal Monsters, the Hulk, or Disney's Gargoyles like we do? 

Then you will LOVE THIS BOOK!