Titan King, Volume 2: The Flame Princess

Type: Manga

li Santos and his new alien friends Banaya and Xelio rush off to find the Flame Princess, who can heal their friend Calder. But can they make it back in time to enter the Titan King Tournament?

Eli Santos is 
a hotheaded Honduran teenager who has made many enemies at every turn of his young life. Concerned for his safety, his father prepares to send him away, but he’s abducted not by rebels or criminal gangs but by an alien scout. Eli has been selected to participate in a galactic tournament that will decide the course of over a trillion lifeforms using gigantic strange creatures bred for war called Titans

Rumors suggest that the old empire, the Malicidae, are gunning to win the tournament. If they do, they’ll use the control of the Titans to crush all those who stand in their way. To make matters worse, Eli has been partnered with one of the most feared and uncontrollable Titans, Rexleo. What they don’t know is that this human has pride and never backs down from a fight.

Space mission start! InVolume 2 of Titan King, after a less-than-successful attempt at battling the king, Eli and his alien friends Banaya (a Mandar teenager) and Xelio (a Lycorian warrior) are sent on a mission to find Blair, a Pyromancer with healing capabilities who can help their friend Calder before the tournament begins. One problem: If they don’t return in three days, they face expulsion from the games! Prince Akilio, the manipulative heir to the Malicidae throne, will do anything to stop them from reaching their goal and entering the tournament. Can Eli and Rexleo work together to sway Blair into healing Calder? How will they fare in a tournament of Titans? 

Titan King is rated Y for Youth, recommended for ages 10 and up.

Series by: Tony Dawkins