Kwame Hightower and The Man With No Name Graphic Novel

Type: Comic Book

Story and Art By: David Gorden

For 12-year-old Kwame Hightower a trip to Buckingham Palace becomes a life changing experience when he pulls the legendary sword Excalibur from the sacred stone making him the king of England! Little does Kwame know that becoming King is only the beginning of his adventure as he is plunged into a world of fantastic science, ancient races and exotic lands. Backed up by the clandestine Roundtable Division of MI6, Kwame leaps into his first adventure, searching for and capturing the mysterious man with no name. A nameless prison escapee whose machinations lead directly to Kwame drawing Excalibur. Kwame must come to grips with his new role and powers to find the man with no name and unravel a deadly conspiracy that threatens the fate of two worlds! This deluxe hardcover edition features the brand new back up story Kwame Hightower and the New Knights that picks up shortly after the events of Man with No Name and a never before seen behind the scenes sketchbook!


**Black & White**