Void Beast Chapter 01

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Type: Manga

The world sits ravaged, an apocalypse created by man’s anger and greed wiped the land of civilizations that had stood strong for hundreds of years. The new world sits disheveled, humans and zombies fighting for food and hiding in the shadows. A plague of Z-Virus spread like wildfire over the remaining survivors of the war. Those not infected did what they could to survive. With destroyed cities and no sense of government or protection they are forced to walk alone in the dark cold streets. In the large mansion on the hill, one of the last remaining Werewolf Shifters paces the grounds on a constant rotation. By day he studies with his father, looking for the evil scientist waging war against his own kind. At night he hunts him down. Unfortunately for Takeo Johnson, and his father, sticking their snouts into the work of Doctor Gutierrez is a good way to get yourself killed. In a string of both horrid and sometimes fortuitous events, Takeo, or TJ, finds out what it really means to be a Void Beast and what it means to run the pack, magic powers and all. 104 pages.

Writer: Matthew Jones, Stephanie Kuklish
Artist: Francis Martelino