Almighty Street Team Issue #2

Type: Comic Book

The clock is ticking, Stalker has assembled the Almighty StreetTeam in the city of Bridgeport to stop Oguun in his tracks. The team has been broken up into specialized units in order to head off Oguun's lieutenants before they can accomplish their agenda.

Jump on board this is the continuation of a wild ride.

Full Color

24 Pages

Story: Joe Currie, Stanley Weaver, Shawn Alleyne, James Mason,
Koran Curtis, Christian Alvarado, Corey Greene and Chris Turner.

Lead Writer: Joseph Currie, 

Penciler: Stanley Weaver, Jr.

Inker: Shawn Alleyne

Colorist:  Christian Alvarado pgs 1-11; Corey Greene pgs 12-14, 17-21; James Mason pgs 15-16 

Cover Pencils: Stanley Weaver

Cover Inks: Chris Turner

Cover Colors: James Mason

Letterer/Layouts: James Mason

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24pgs. Full Color. T+