All-Negro Comics 75th Anniversary Edition


Three quarters of a century ago, Orrin C. Evans lead a team of cartoonists to create the first comic book anthology of original Black characters created by Black talent, with the expressed purpose of entertaining while rejecting harmful stereotypes and pushing boundaries in the industry. This was only 8 years after Action Comics #1, 6 years after Captain America #1 and a whole 19 years before Black Panther hit the pages of Fantastic FourAll-Negro Comics #1 should be among those revered moments in comic book history, but the original print run was quickly removed from newsstands and in the present day, Superman and Black Panther are recognized everywhere while All-Negro Comics is a factoid that cannot be easily found or read.  

All-Negro Comics 75th Anniversary Edition is an 88 page hardcover that includes:

  • The complete 52 page comic from 1947, digitally remastered! Consistent colors, crisp text, and no damage!
  • Brand new prose and comics featuring the All-Negro Comics characters by notable Black creators of today!
  • Brand new essays that provide historical and cultural context for folks of any background, thereby deepening the reading experience!

Editor: Christopher Robinson

Lettering: Deron Bennett

Illustrator and recoloring: Tony Washington

Participating Creators: David Brothers (Comics Alliance)Jasmine Hatcher (Kaleidoscope)Ray-Anthony Height (Midnight Tiger)Ryan Marlow (professional debut)Sharean Morishita (Love! Love! Fighting!)Micah Peters (The Ringer)Shawn Pryor (Cash & Carrie)Zipporah B. Smith (Milestone Intiative)